Calls a constructor with std::initializer_list of a user type in ChaiScript?


I have the next definition class:

class MyType {
    MyType(int x);
    MyType(std::initializer_list<MyType> list);

I register my custom class and its constructors in ChaiScript v6.0.0 as follows:

chai.add(chaiscript::user_type<MyType>(), "MyType");
chai.add(chaiscript::constructor<MyType()>(), "MyType");
chai.add(chaiscript::constructor<MyType(int)>(), "MyType");
chai.add(chaiscript::constructor<MyType(std::initializer_list<MyType>)>(), "MyType");

I have the next scripts:

std::string script1 = R""(
    def Test1() {
        var m = MyType();

auto res = chai.eval<MyType>(script1);

std::string script2 = R""(
    def Test2() {
        var m = MyType(10);

auto res2 = chai.eval<MyType>(script2);

std::string script3 = R""(
    def Test3() {
        var m = MyType({10, 20});

auto res3 = chai.eval<MyType>(script3);

script1 and script2 run without problems, but script3 give me the next execution error:

Error: “Incomplete equation” during evaluation at (9, 14)

What is the correct way to call the constructor MyType(std::initializer_list) from ChaiScript?


There is no way to call a function expecting an initializer_list from ChaiScript, and it’s nearly impossible to get correct. initializer_list size must be known at compile time, and you would be passing in a variable-length list of things that can only possibly be known at compile time.