Concatenation of string constants


In C11, for string constants, you’re allowed to write

“abc” “def” “ghi”

(a bit like SNOBOL where the space is the concatenation operator)

I tried to do this in chaiscript but got errors. Any chance of adding this — it’s very convenient.



You can just do: "abc" + "def" + "ghi" in ChaiScript… At least in newer versions of ChaiScript it’s evaluated at script parse time, so there’s no runtime ccost.


Hmm, I haven’t checked for updates — how often do these come out — we’re well into beta of our product and chaiscript has been wonderfully successful under the covers.


I’m assuming you’re currently on something like 5.8.1?

Best bet is to watch here: I’m getting ready to release 5.8.5, and I would strongly recommend you update to it. It has several fixes that are important.

I’d not recommend moving to 6.0.0 for you yet - which I hope to release soon. It is much more efficient, which is good, but it’s also had a lot of changes. So only when you’re ready to take some risk to gain some new feature and performance advantages.