I made a ChaiScript oriented game engine



Over the past couple of months (as a side project for one of my student groups), I was making a game engine that is ChaiScript oriented. The tl;dr is that you (the developer) are supposed to write all of the game logic in ChaiScript. It’s built on top of Qt 5.x & OpenGL. I’m posting this here to see what others people thoughts are. I’m not too interested in furthering the development of it, but would like to get some opinions and thoughts on it.

You can find it here: https://gitlab.com/define-private-public/Masala

I was able to build the code on OS X and Windows after removing the dependencies for GNU readline (even though the library should work on the OSes. I ran into some issues when trying to run them before. I’ve had Qt apps that I built (in C++) that have worked on all three platforms though.

If someone could help me out with this, that would be great, as my OS X and Windows dev environments are a little bit corrupted at the moment.


This is great - exactly the kind of thing that I wanted to try and optimize chaiscript for - or at least see if I could.

I see in your docs that you ‘hit some performance issues’ can you point me to which example game you were hitting the issues in so I know where to start?



I’ve sent you an email explaining a few of the things.


I’d would be nice if you could share some problems/insights here too, i am quite interested.


Small update, I did a little work to get it compiling with readline on OS X properly. I was having some difficulties when running the .app that was generated. I had to go into the .app package and run the binary manually. There were also some issues with the OpenGL shader version that I used (this was developed on an older laptop).

If anyone can help me get the OS X build running perfectly that would be great.