Interactive use of Chaiscript


Does anyone have experience with using Chaiscript interactively; so to also link it up with autocompletion and get something like a shell like experience?
I’m considering to use expose a configuration and control interface interactively and would like to know if Chaiscript could was already used this way (or if this is a viable idea in general :slight_smile:)

thx & cheers


Sounds like a great experiment. What autocompletion do you use? Could have it set up in Bash, zsh, fish, would be neat to have it in a shell.


Don’t have autocomplete yet but I use chaiscript interactivly


I am currently also started to integrate chaiscript into a little framework I’m putting together (just OpenGL + SDL + ImGui and a bunch of little other things - nothing fancy)

I’ve just started hooking a console window to a chaiscript interpretor, and started defining functions it can use, and I’m also wondering if, and how, I could have some kind of auto-complete on the inputs.

Does anyone know if there’s a good way to iterate through the functions and variable defined and accessible form the chaiscript instance?

I haven’t started digging yet (spent the bulk of my time on this wiriting bindings to the most useful parts of GLM…)