It is posisble to inherit in chaiscript?


Hello, I’m just starting to try scripts in general. I saw that in Unity3D you have to inherit from MonoBehaviour inside the script. So this should provide basic functions inherited. Is this possible in chaiscript? For example:

Define this class inside C++ or in another script

class ScriptInterfaceExample
virtual void update(float dt) { };


And then use that class as a base in the script:

class EnemyMovement : public ScriptInterfaceExample
void update(float dt) {
//Do something here…


Thank you and sorry if I’m asking something stupid, just starting in scripts world.


No, not directly. There is a technique for doing inheritance if that’s really what you want:

But you probably don’t actually want / need to do that in ChaiScript. ChaiScript supports easy and natural (and well performing) sharing of functions between script and C++. Creating a call-back function and registering it is probably what you want to do.

See here: Best practice for passing/processing events for a discussion about that.


Thank you, I think that you are right about the call-backs funcs! :smile:

I will try to rethink it to use that.