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Feel free to post any and all projects that use ChaiScript here, let the world know how you are using it. Just keep it SFW.

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I thought I may as well share this here :smile:
It’s my game engine I’ve been writing for the last year. It uses chaiscript for the scripting, but you can’t really do a lot with it yet.


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I decided to go with ChaiScript and Falcon as scripting engines for my C++ projects (I don’t like Lua’s lack of high-level syntax) but Falcon being in heavy re-writting I will use ChaiScript exclusively for now in these projects.

Basically my C++ projects are either games or tools related to digital comics. Currently only my games benefits from ChaiScript:

  • (codename:) NetRush: a real-time strategy game playing in a cyber-space, involving virus, hacking and information manipulation. A big part of the UI is made of Chromium embedded and displayedc in textures, so there is a lot of Javascript for this part, but ChaiScript will be used for all other forms of scripting: level design/story scripting, special units behaviours and players (commands) scripting. I can’t show the game right now but here is an old prototype video showing how scripting is integrated in the game (using Falcon at the time):

  • Radiant Laser Cross: some years ago I made a prototype of a 2d shooter (Danmaku or "bullet hell) game which included ChaiScript to script ennemies but I didn’t get very far bar lack of time. I intend to make a full fame of it and I believe ChaiScript be perfect for this game. Here is a video of the prototype:

  • Art Of Sequence (OSS project) don’t have a use for ChaiScript at the moment:

I am in the process of integrating ChaiScript in NetRush at the moment.

I shall now mention my own game engine Spiced it’s a reference on how to work with ChaiScript and exercise many different language features. But it’s also a relatively complete 2d tile-based game engine, that works for simple adventure game type usage.

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I’am using ChaiScript in several projects :


ChaiGame is a Love2D-like game engine for RetroArch/libretro.

global logo

def load() {
	logo = graphics.newImage("logo.png")

def draw() {
    graphics.print("Hello World!", 400, 300)
    graphics.draw(logo, 100, 100)

def update(delta) {
	// Change something on the screen.

Made ChaiGame: Floppy Bird, a Flappy Bird clone with it…

Awesome, thanks for the post share!

I am using chaiscript in my VR environment - It was really just written as an educational exercise to learn Vulkan and because of the poor support Unity and Epic have provided for the Vive on Linux - haven’t yet determined exactly what it will be yet.

Awesome ChaiScript provides some links to useful ChaiScript modules and utilities. I invite you all to submit pull requests to add your packages.

raylib-chaiscript provides bindings to raylib, a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming. It’s a WIP, so would appreciate some thoughts on it.

I just started writing a very basic TypeScript to Chaiscript transpiler.

The reason being, I find it hard to memorize types and functions I’ve exposed in my “little” hobby projects.
Combine that with the lack of dev-tools for Chaiscript and it can become a pretty hard time if you only sporadically work on your projects.

With TypeScript there’s a plethora of tools available and easily write- or generatable type-definition files seemed a good fit.

The transpiler currently only directly translates a given Typescript AST to Chaiscript, which could probably be done better(?).
It’s just quickly hacked together as I don’t have too much time to work on my side projects.
Type definition files are also currently missing, but probably will follow shortly.

I think it’s funny that Jonathan Turner (Jason Turners cousin iirc.) who helped create Chaiscript, is a former PM for TypeScript