Spiced - ChaiScript Game Engine


Continuing the discussion from Project Announcements!:

Very nice!
I’ll take a close look.
Do you make a small game with it to check the feature engine? Otherwise it’s easy to make an engine that is not useful to actual games.

By the way, as mentionned somewhere else I started to list my use cases for script system in my current game but it made me realize that I have several solutions for different issues so before posting it around here I want to try some stuffs. I think Spiced might give me some insight to some ChaiScript usage I didn’t think about.


Ok it IS a game first, nice.


My plan is to leave that workable example game there, and use the engine for some other games too.


I intend to do a livecoding thing where I demo the game and explain my rationale for how I used ChaiScript then post that video.

We’ll see.