Std::list in Chaiscript


Hi there, One of my functions inside Chaiscript takes a std::list< std::pair< double, double > >. Now I understand that I would need to do the following to make Chaiscript aware of this:

chai.add(chaiscript::bootstrap::standard_library::list_type<std::list<std::pair<double, double>>>(“PointList”));
(The forum seems to hide the double, double part.)

Except that I get the following error in Visual Studio 2015 update 3:

Error C2664 ‘void chaiscript::bootstrap::standard_library::list_type(const std::string &,chaiscript::Module &)’: cannot convert argument 2 from ‘std::shared_ptrchaiscript::Module’ to ‘chaiscript::Module &’ xx\chaiscript\dispatchkit\bootstrap_stl.hpp 568

It doesn’t matter what I change the type to, as long as I use list_type it will give this error.