Syntax highlighting for Sublime Text


Anyone already created one? I switch to JavaScript when editing a Chai script which is fine but not perfect. Is anyone else interested in one?


I started one a few years ago here: it should probably be moved into its own repository. If you’re interested in maintaining it, let me know. I’ll put it in a separate repo to make it easier to work on.



I started modifying the JavaScript package for my own usage with ChaiScript. I am willing to maintain it if you create a new repo. With Sublime Text 3 a new format has been established that is encouraged to use now instead of the legacy system. My current efforts can be found here.


Done. and I invited you to have write permissions on it.

I followed the same standard that vim repositories do for naming (ie vim-chaiscript) let me know if it should be renamed to be something different to play better with sublime’s standards.



that’s great. afaik the name should not be a problem.


There is now a 1.0 release of the language package, I am still waiting to be included to PackageControl until then you can copy the package manually into you package folder.


You can know delete the old code from the ChaiScript repo or you want a PR instead?


Done! Sorry about the delay.