VS2013 compilation error


I’m not familiar with Chaiscript - just took the latest 5.6.0 version and tried to compile the following 2 lines in VS2013:

#include <chaiscript/chaiscript.hpp>
#include <chaiscript/chaiscript_stdlib.hpp>

Compilation failed with an error:
error C3546: ‘…’ : there are no parameter packs available to expand proxy_functions_detail.hpp Line 66

What’s wrong ?


Hmm, I’m going to need more details than that. The dashboard http://chaiscript.com/ChaiScript-BuildResults/full_dashboard.html shows that 5.6.0 built with no errors or warnings for VS2013 and VS2015.

Perhaps - do you have the latest service pack installed for VS2013? http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=44921

There are many bugs in their C++11 support before Update 3.



Yes, after upgrading with VS2013 update 4 I can compile partly:
error C1128: number of sections exceeded object file format limit: compile with /bigobj
Earlier it was not required in my project - is it from Chaiscript compilation ?


Yes, add the /bigobj it’s a goofy part of using MSVC.


Regardless of chaiscript/chaiscript_stdlib.hpp is included chaiscript::ChaiScript constructor tries to load chaiscript_stdlib-5.6.0.dll - why it happens ?


It’s not just including the header file - you have to pass the stdlib to the constructor for ChaiScript: